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You are free, you are unlimited - there are no chains that bind you.

Living as Prayer

Moment by moment, our lives move through the Infinite Love and Grace of our Creator -

Our lives are prayers..

This meditation was delivered  at Unity of Roseville (CA) on the Third Sunday of Advent, 2016

- the topic: LOVE.

Blessing Affirmations

as we move moment by moment through our lives, we feel that deep connection with the Infinite

Blessed Child of God - you are whole, you are complete.

Beginning today your mind and heart will sing in harmony  with angel songs.  You are at peace.

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Living As Prayer

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Right Here, Right Now - your body is vibrating with Christ's healing energies flowing in and through each cell, reminding each of its perfect design.

You are a beloved child of God.  You are loved - just the way you are.